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Updated: Jan 16, 2021

At MySkyPet, we are trying to keep everything short and informative.

This is a short article about how our First Cat Freya entered our lives.

My sister was in Spain. She was sent there for one month from work.

One day she sends me a link of two cats that were found on the streets. They were found by two girls that were here on the ERASMUS program. I think they were from Germany and Poland.

I was unsure at the beginning. First of the landlord wasn't going to be OK with that.

Second, we had to pay a lot of money for the future damages that she could cost. (and we did pay up eventually. Wit all of our deposit on the rental)

Those were the very two reasons that were stopping me?

The hell with them! I messaged the girls and went straight to their place.

They were indeed actually not two but three kittens. The girls told me that one was already adopted.

There were two more. One very healthy-looking, and very pretty I have to say. I instantly wanted that one.

Then the girls said something that I am so grateful for it now.

"This one is handsome, but this one (the smallest of all and with a one almost lazy eye) has an amazing character. There is something about her...

- All I saw was how she was bumping into objects, and not knowing what had just happened. It was freakingly funny and at the same time so emotionaly attaching.

Small Freya Exploring Her Bed with Her Small Kitty Paws
Cat Freya Exploring her New Home

That little, awkward one turned out to be Freya, our cat.

And the rest... is a beautiful cat history.

Elon Reeves


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