How Cat Freddie moved in with Freya

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Having Freya was more than happiness. It was like adding a family member to our life.

But we always had to be on the desk at work or doing something. It wasn't fair for her to be sitting around all day waiting for us. (Yeah... I know she was sleeping but still)

Adoption of Stray Cats Matter

There was meowing outside on the street. I could hear it from the open window next to my computer at work. I picked out the window, but I saw nothing. There were only parked cars on the street.

I waited for my break to come. I went outside and started to look around for the sound that I heard from my office. I saw a "gang" of four elderly cats. They were eating food somebody has left and were very protective of it. Not willing to share it with this smaller cat that was very hungry by the looks of it.

I tried to give the cat some food but it was too scared. He had fresh scars on his ear, it was so scared. They were cars passing, and I saw the panic in his eyes when they were roaming on the street.

My instinct just spoke to me.

"If I don't take him home, he won't make it very long"

I didn't think twice! I just took him and headed straight home.

Both of us were lucky that I was living 15 minutes from work

I felt happy and relieved. I was excited about Freya too. She was going to have a new buddy.

It wasn't all smooth to meet them, but eventually it worked out. They are now inseparete.

I just wanted to share the small story of how Freddie joined the family along side Freya Elon Reeves #myskypet

Sleeping and hugging Cats Freya and Freddie MySkyPet
Freddie and Freya Sleeping Cat Hug