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MySkyPet has created its first NFT's
Check out our work at

MySkyCat NFT Collection


OK! What is MySkyCat?

MySkyCat is our first collection of programmatically and randomly generated NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. 


Polygon is a protocol and framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, offering an ecosystem with lower transaction costs and faster speeds than Ethereum. Think of it as an ETH extension, but way cheaper. 


Our collection of MySkyCat's contains 10,000 randomly generated cats from a large number of independent items. 

Each MySkyCat has a unique DNA (that means no two can be the same)


MySkyCat Rarity?

First thing first! All MySkyCat's are unique in their own way, and it's up to the collector, that's you guys, to feel which one speaks loudest to you. 


A common item but most stylish is the tie. This is why 8000 of the NFT's are wearing a tie. The Other 2000 have less common bowtie and a scarf

Some other rarer parts are the"zombie eyes", headsets and face masks.


But with our fantastic body design and colors, it is all to your feel to bring you the most joy to own.

MySkyCat is a collection of 10000 uniquely generated NFTs.

We are taking a different approach, and we will be making available our NFT's 1000 at a time. After 30% of the initial 1000 are sold, we will mint the following 1000, and the same approach will be applied until all 10000 units are minted.

Our work inspired us at MykyPet, and now MySkyCat, our first collection, is here to stay.

~ Join us to the Pet Side ~ Learn more at: 

Main Creator


Why Should I Get a MySkyCat?

I. First and foremost, being part of a randomized NFT project that will evolve in time and has a cause to implement Art and the NFT community is at the core of the Web3 Blockchain technology. 


II. You can be part of our evolving community and build the future of MySkyPet Future Projects and have early access before we roll out our other projects.


III. We will give back 50% of all ETH raised to the cause of saving the lives of stray animals and animals in need by paying parts or all bills of organizations that rely on the community to help them on the material costs


IV. MySkyPet was launched in The Netherlands as an e-commerce website, but we have moved back to Bulgaria (our birthplace), where our NFT project was given birth to. 


- The stray animals here (above all cats and dogs) are in urgent need of medical attention, shelter, and you name it. 

(But that 10% will go in equal parts in Europe, USA, and other places where is most needed. )


 - We genuinely want MySkyPet to be a community-driven project that can prove the power of Web3 & Blockchain technology as the greater good and give hope for future generations how a community can thrive and prosper. 


V. By getting NFT from MySkyPet collections, you have a strong voice in the community and are part of something bigger. 


VI. If you buy an NFT and sell it later yourself, you can even give 10% of your profit for a cause you are deeply concerned about. You can even send us a short email at or on all of our other social media @myskypet, and we will post in our website's forum and Facebook Page. (And we will also b giving part of our 10% from your sell as creators to make the greater good, even greater)


VII. Our NFT holders will be eligible to print their unique NFT on a T-Shirt for Free (this can only be done once per NFT).


  • If you write us, and we see that you are the holder of the NFT on the blockchain and that this NFT was not printed on a T-Shirt before, we will confirm your request, and you will get your free merch. (This is done through our contact form on the official MySkyPet website:

MySkyPet Long Term?

* We at MySkyPet are not here for the single NFT project or potential monetary gains. We are planning on building on an ecosystem that with the evolving blockchain technology and community to be a positive impact on our planet and all lives

Future rewards and growth, collaboration with brands are on the table in our long-term plan. (We can only get there with the help of you, the community of this beautiful ever-evolving Web3 environment.


So, you guys are the future of MySkyPet, and our mission.

Join us to the Pet Side.

This is the power of Web 3.

Visit us on OpenSea


MySkyCat Collection

NFT 1.jpg
NFT 2.jpg
NFT 3.jpg
NFT 4.jpg

MySkyCat NFT's by MySkyPet

By using Polygon we make the process more affordable for all sides. 

The process of buying NFT's on OpenSea with Polygon is pretty much straightforward, but

if this is your first time buying an NFT, you might find the instructions below useful. 


Source of the Instructions below: OpenSea

How do I purchase NFTs on Polygon?

  • 24 days ago


  • Updated

Polygon is a blockchain that provides scalable, secure and instant transactions with Ethereum currencies like ETH, USDC, DAI.

This guide explains several of the advantages to buying NFTs on Polygon:

  • There are no more costly wallet initialization fees.

  • Selling and buying NFTs is gas free.

  • Gas fees are only required when transferring ETH funds to the Polygon network.

Please note that buying an NFT on Polygon requires using Polygon ETH. In order to spend your Ethereum currencies on Polygon, you must first "bridge" them across to the Polygon blockchain.


How to buy NFTs on Polygon

To find items on Polygon, make sure to check "Polygon" under the "Chains" section on the left panel when browsing NFT assets.




Polygon items can be identified by the purple hexagon, Polygon's logo, on the lower-left corner of each NFT item.




Buying NFTs on Polygon is just like buying NFTs on the Ethereum mainnet. Once you've found your item, click on the big blue "Buy Now" button. 


















If this is your first time purchasing an item on Polygon, you'll be asked to unlock Polygon trading on your wallet. This only needs to be done once.





































Once you've signed the unlocking transactions, your NFT purchase should be processed quickly! 




Congrats! You've just purchased your first NFT on Polygon. 

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