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Who we are?

Hello :)


My name is Monica and I am the creator of most of the designs here. I'm a self-taught artist and I try my best to create unique designs and help our customers find themselves in a product.


Alassia started out as the name of a character that I made for myself and turned out to be so much more. Now it is the name and face behind all of my creative work.

I hope this site will help me grow and expand Alassia Designs as far as I can. 




Hello, and welcome to our little pet store with the Big Designs.

The main creator of our designs and the Alassia brand is the girl you see on the left of your screen. She is the mind behind a number of other creations but for the first time, a Trade Mark attached to her name. 

<---Meet Alassia


                                                                             Meet Skyboy46 --->

You can call me E.J. and I'm the idea behind this site and its main constructor. 

We are very fond of our cats - Freddie & Freya.
I think they are actually the main push up we needed to work hard, and deliver a little more expression in all of us.

If we can bring value to you, it means we partly succeeded in delivering our passion for Cats & Dogs.

Fun fact. We are actually brother & sister. This makes it quite a bit more unique as well.

I'm Elon and I'm in charge of the delivery to your products and making sure that your order will be created and fulfilled on time.

My greatest accomplishment is being a vegetarian since April 20, 2008.
I don't think I can ever beat that... At least as far as personal development goes.

We look at the big picture, and many more can be achieved. Why not we do it together. 

If you follow our Blog we will make sure that by the start of 2021 we can give you a glimpse at the better purpose we are doing this. It is currently a big idea, but so were our designs. 

Ideas, when put to hard work and consistancy, become reality.

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